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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

ChoonML toolkit released

The first alpha version of the ChoonML toolkit has been released.

ChoonML is an open source alternative format for remixable music. Being open source, full details of the spec are on the site as well as source code for a conversion library.

A converter for Adobe Audition files is already available. Further converters are promised and they encourage software developers to use the toolkit to build in support for the format.


Jonny said...

An interesting idea, but the main problem I can see with ChoonML is that major artists aren't going to feature on it due to their parent record labels. All the current "remixable music formats" are still young, there may be scope in the future for them to open up to unsigned bands?

Rich d'Rich said...

I think that's maybe going to be the case with "major signed artists".

Two possibilities I see though:
- a lot of current dance music doesn't come from major signed artists. If you look at my (vinyl) record box then it's probably 15% major labels, 40% independent branded (e.g. Tidy/Anjuna), 30% unbranded artist releases, 15% whites and bootlegs. I play trance, house and mashups, so others may have a different result.

- It should be possible to recode music in a format like UMyx into ChoonML - rather like ripping a CD into MP3 files.